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Aanti aex chat. I’ve described this tiny two bedroom apartment in other accounts.

With four horny college kids around at night and in the mornings, you got used to literally bumping into each other, walking into the bathroom while it was being used, and seeing each other naked from time-to-time, either through open doors, or walking from the bedroom to the bathroom at night or in the mornings. Being this close in proximity was nearly impossible to go without seeing each other naked.

I knew what Karen looked like as I saw her twice. Big, fucking tits, firm and upright, with large brown nipples, and a big, thick bush.

A very hot babe. One morning I awoke in Mary’s bed alone.

I vaguely remember her alarm going off, saying she had a morning study group. I was dead-out from fucking all night. I don’t know how she did it . Aanti aex chat.

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