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Adultcamchat. She was carrying a jacket which she draped over the back of one of the armchairs after she’d come in, before sitting down.

She was wearing make up for the first time that I could gather or maybe I just hadn’t noticed before. It was just a hint of shadow on her eyelids, a smattering of rouge on her cheekbones and a touch of pale pink lip gloss, all very understated but on Tina it made her look absolutely beautiful.

Her hair was shiny silk as always. After I had made the beverages and brought them, with a plate of biscuits to the coffee table, I sat down opposite her as usual and tried to converse, but I was struggling to relax and my unease was causing a palpable tension in the air. “You seem tense today, Mr Murphy, is there something wrong?” she asked eventually picking up on my uneasiness. “No, no Tina” I answered, “There’s nothing wrong. ” an awkward silence followed before I tried to continue casually. “So, you’ll be off to South Africa, when is it again, Tuesday?” “Yeah,” she said “Tuesday morning at eleven, well the flight’s not until a quarter past twelve but, you know yourself, have to check-in and all that palaver. ” Then she teased me, “Awh, is that it is, Mr Murphy? Adultcamchat.


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