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Chat bots. “Party time,” Amber agreed. Rachel put down her drink and said, “My sister sent us a housewarming gift. ” She then spun around with her knees on the couch and leaned over behind it.

Amber bit her lower lip and quietly moaned as she stared at her best friend’s gorgeous butt. They’d discovered long ago that helping each other was a lot better than masturbating.

Having to curtail those urges was one of the reasons that they were both so excited about having the privacy of their own place. Free webcam chat. “Ta da,” the brunette declared as she lifted a ridiculous inflatable man from its hiding place and sat him on the couch. Amber broke out into laughter while tossing her backpack and purse on the table.

She sat down on the couch, stroked her hand over the latex cock, and let out an exaggerated, sarcastic, “Ooo. Chat bots.

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