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Finding a second hole to satisfy his lust, he impatiently pushed his cock into Sarah’s salivating mouth. She did not object.

A few minutes later, Brian’s shouts of orgasmic release were the signal for the dude to hop on Sarah to bang her doggie style. The dude pounded into Sarah with a frenzy that brought all the others over to watch.

The onlookers clapped and shouted words of encouragement with each stroke accompanied by Sarah’s screams of pleasure. The dude finished by splashing Sarah’s face with rope after rope of creamy cum that dripped off of Sarah’s pretty face like rain on a window pane.

Everyone cheered! The drinking and wanton debauchery left everyone exhausted, tired, and asleep.

At half past seven in the morning, Sarah, Sinead, and Kate, hung-over and in need of a shower, piled into Kate’s Focus and drove home to recover. Chats masturbation spain dating.

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