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Perfect. Daniel backed away. “Do you need me to call an ambulance, or your parents?” She locked the hall door and then blocked the door to the adjoining room. “I could drive you to the hospital?” She advanced on him. “Um. . I think you should know I’m feeling very conflicted about drinking your blood,” he said.

Lenore pounced. In the next room, Latos posed by the window, one arm holding his cape back. “Listen to them,” he said. “Children of the—”Jenna threw herself at him and pushed him against the wall.

He bit his tongue in mid-sentence. “You’re a vampire, right? Like, a real one?””Well. . yes,” said Latos. “Are you going to ravish me?””I was getting around to it. “”Would it help if you hypnotized me? Chatting cam united states online.

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