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But she had forsaken the safe road, and chosen the difficult path, down which the heart often draws us. And at last we were together.

She lifted her leg off the floor and gave me a playful shove, and fell back onto my bed. The touch of her bare foot on my leg began our love affair.

I hopped up and grabbed four towels out of the drawer and tossed a couple on her. “Let’s take a shower!”I pulled her up and we undressed each other, and wrapped ourselves in our towels. There were a few girls slipping in and out of the bathroom, but most had gone out for Friday night.

We threw our towels over a divider and stepped into the same stall we had first shared together. Under the needle-fine jets of steaming water, we cleansed ourselves of all our old fears, caution, and inhibitions. Chatting masturbation russia lesbian.

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