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Free chat sites for mobile. ” Sarcasm oozed from her voice as she said the last. She continued, “He would treat me like a Princess, but not be all clingy when I want some time to myself.

And he has to be funny, and love animals too. ” Rachel interrupted, “I’m changing my wish to ditto. ” Amber laughed, and then said, “Hey, I just thought of something,” as she sat her lamp down on the table. She closed the wooden case and pointed at the designs on the lid. “I think this is Arabic.

I could ask Wendy to translate it for us. Maybe that will tell us something. ” “Oh yeah.

She lived over there somewhere,” the brunette agreed, recalling what she knew about the bookish redhead who had a room not far from the one they’d just vacated in the dorm. “I’ll call her. ” Rachel put the lamp she was holding back into its felt-lined niche in the wooden case, sighed, and stood up to say, “I’m going to go check out Facebook and see if there are any parties going on. Free chat sites for mobile.

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