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Free online sex chat c2c on facebook. I released Julian’s erection from my mouth for a moment; Rosie quickly took over pushing the prick deep into her mouth, we did this a couple of times before Julian stopped us. “I want some nice young arse now Anton, will you give me yours?” Julian asked, his hand slid down my back and onto my lace covered bum cheek.

I wanted it too and let them move me to the centre of the bed. Rosie sat at the top of the bed and opened her legs, I shuffled up until my mouth could reach her; behind me I felt Julian pull the back my knickers down just enough to expose what he wanted.

I gasped as I felt some cool gel smeared down my crack. I started to lick the sticky hole in front of me, waiting for the pain and pleasure of being filled with cock. Free online sex chat c2c on facebook.


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