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It was thrilling to see them dripping and lusty at such close quarters. I hadn’t had any sexual activity, notwithstanding my nocturnal cam games with the girls, and occasional jack off sessions, for a while.

So I am sure you will appreciate the amount of titillation that my position just then offered me. I then girded my heated loins and rapped on their window.

Pooja nearly jumped out of her skin, as did Savannah. Joy was a little bit more in control of her reaction, and looked at me with surprise.

I didn’t wait for an invitation. The window was unlocked, so I slid it across.

It was the kind of window that you could easily scale and climb through, which is what my entire plan had been predicated upon. The girls gasped, and looks of lust and panic did quicksilver dances on their faces. Free web chat on ipad.

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