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Fuck fhone chat. Anyway, we should be there in about twenty minutes.

I made reservations for 7:00 pm. We can start at the appetizer bar.

I hear it’s really cute. They have this conveyor belt that goes around this circular bar.

As the plates go by, you grab the item off of it. They provide each patron with a tray of sauces for dipping.

After that, we can sit at a table and work our way through the rest of the buffet. ” “Sounds like a lot of fun. ” We arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes early, but by the time we parked the car and walked inside, we were just a few minutes early. We still had to wait almost ten minutes before a place opened up at the appetizer bar, though we were given the option of being seated immediately.

We opted to wait for the bar, since it looked like a lot of fun. After trying out a number of the appetizers, we signaled we were ready to be seated at a table. Fuck fhone chat.

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