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Girls chat gambler. I‘ll get dressed, but I am going back to bed later,” said Sal. “A heart attack on a plate will do us both good.

Get your drawers on! Lets go!” I said.

Ten minutes later, we were out of the door, dressed in jumpers, jeans and trainers. Free chat. Ten minutes after that, we were in the greasy spoon and ten minutes after that, we were tucking into full monty breakfasts, with mugs of tea and plates of toast.

The greasy spoon was good. It was clean and basic.

Gingham tablecloths on Formica-topped tables. Tomato-shaped sauce bottles and all the rest that goes in such an establishment.

Not a place for fine dining, but they did a bloody good fry up. We went home replete and Sally went back to bed again. Girls chat gambler.

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