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Icq sex chat. When we get to the bed she turns me around with my back to the bed.

She kisses my neck and feels my strong shoulders. My muscles involuntarily ripple under her touch.

She is purring now. She moves down my chest to my nipples.

Her lips caress my nipples which have stiffened. She sucks on one drawing it into her warm wet mouth.

She grabs the other and pulls it between her fingers. I let out a yelp as the pain hits me.

She quickly moves her lips to that nipple to soothe and caress it. Her fingers slowly with a feathery touch glide up and down my hairy chest.

She is feeling my firm abs and pectorals. She moves up to my shoulders and starts down my arms.

She prods my biceps and triceps. She kisses the hollow of my elbow.

I am getting a very warm feeling in my loins. She knows all my hot spots.

She takes my hand and sucks on each finger swirling her tongue around each one. Icq sex chat.

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