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Is i m live sex chat good. I peeked inside and saw my acquaintance, Lou, leaning back against a tree stroking himself vigorously, pants around his knees, head back and eyes closed.

He was gorgeous, with his erect cock head pointing upwards above his pistoning fist; I estimated he was over seven inches long. After another twenty seconds, he groaned quietly, stiffened, and showed me his spunk, as it were, several long spurts onto the ground.

He sighed and looked up and froze when he saw me; we looked at each other for a few seconds and he said, “Oh God, were you watching me? Just don’t tell anyone. ” I was fully hard by this time; I said, “Don’t worry, I love to watch.

My turn. ” I leaned against a tree opposite him, dropped my pants, and quickly stroked myself off as he stared at me and got fully hard again. His cock stretched out in front of him, curving upwards like a long-necked bird out of a thick thatch of brown hair. Is i m live sex chat good.

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