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I lowered myself down, gently parting her legs enough for me to place my head between her thighs. I began stroking her clitoris in a steady rhythm with my tongue.

The taste of her warm vaginal juices being so very sweet. I moved my hands up to her soft breasts and continued to massage them in rhythm with my flicking tongue.

I was twisting my tongue and playing with her clitoris, when suddenly she arched her body upward and opened her eyes as if experiencing a sexual spasm. Her hands reached down grasping my hair tightly and pulled my head upward.

She looked at me with what seemed to be a confused, sleepy and happy expression, then lowered her head back onto the pillow and sighed. “Daddy B, you are so awesome!” she breathed, “What a wonderful way to wake-up!” I moved my hands away from her breasts and began stroking her abdomen just above her pubic hair. Lesbiansex chatcam.

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