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Live audio chat inndian sex. Of course, there was very little I wasn’t willing to do for my beautiful owner.

Still, there were a few things sacred to me and, had I been with anyone else, I might have protested. I felt arms around me, both from behind and in front, knowing that it had to be Kay and Cindy, smiling as their cheeks brushed against my face, sensing them kissing with me sandwiched in between.

Desire flowed through me as I felt two pairs of hands caressing me, knowing that they were busy with each other as well. I could hear their passionate breathing, stray lips sometime brushing over my ear or my hair.

Unable to stop myself, I ran my hands over Kay’s breasts, playfully fumbling with her dress, doing my best to help her out of it once I realized she wasn’t interested in discouraging me. Live audio chat inndian sex.

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