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Live free chat wiithout pvt om. There was a girl called Laura who I vaguely knew from school.

She was a year older than me and in the upper 6th form and I saw her swimming regularly. I thought she was gorgeous.

I tried whenever possible to get changed at the same time that she did, and used the opportunity to surreptitiously watch her in the showers. One day she noticed me staring at her and as you can guess I was terrified to have been caught out.

She came over to me in the showers and I expected her to tell me what a disgusting pathetic young lass I was. Much to my amazement she told me I didn’t need to feel embarrassed.

I guess I was the colour of beetroot by now. We continued to shower side by side and when the other girls left the shower area she gently touched my bum and drew me towards her and gave me the sexiest most arousing kiss that I’d had in my life. Live free chat wiithout pvt om.

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