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Live sex chat total free. As I looked at her I realized that she was wearing the exact outfit I had told Naughty Kitty to wear for me.

Sure I couldn’t see if the stockings were thigh highs or if the lingerie matched, but the clothes were exactly right. As she turned around I saw that she even had on the glasses and her hair was done up and held in place with pens.

She was straight out of my fantasies. As I cleared my throat and hurried upstairs to change I noticed a long blue coat draped over the back of the couch and realized that it must be Kat’s.

I heard my wife giggling with Kat downstairs as I got dressed. I wondered what they were talking about.

The only time my wife giggled like that was when she was discussing something sexual. I assumed it had to do with Kat’s date.

As we said goodbye to the kids and I handed Kat some money for takeout she seemed to hold my hand for a minute longer than usual and said softly, See you soon, Mr. Live sex chat total free.

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