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God, yeah,” Rachel exclaimed between deep breaths as she swivelled her hips in a tiny circle. “Ooo!” Amber cried out in surprise as a broad stroke of his tongue caressed her folds, and then wiggled between them. Rachel straightened over her knees, letting about half of his cock free of her clinging embrace before dropping down on it again and whimpering. “H-he.

He any. Good at that?” Amber’s voice warbled as she responded, “Ohh my god. ” The tip of his tongue fluttered over her folds in a delightful dance, making her twitch from the rapid changes in sweet sensation.

The brunette moaned in response, increasing the pace of her hips a little. Adam’s tongue found pleasure centers that even Amber had never discovered.

It probed impossibly deep into her depths, swirling over her walls, only to dart to her swollen clit before she knew it. Mobile sex text chat.

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