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Rajiv was ready to explode and he did. I was surprised he managed to get as much cum as he could in me the second time round.

He slumped on the sofa next to me and I fell on him all used. Jack on the other hand had just finished cumming in Mia.

Jack was also the naughtiest of the 4 of us. After he pulled out, he asked me to clean his cock while he asked Mia to clean Rajiv’s cock.

So here we were, the slutty girls now cleaning the other guys cock that had just been in our firneds pussy. But then when has things like that stopped us from having fun?

These are my true stories boys so stop asking that question. Read my bio.

I also prefer to write short to the point story wanting guys all over the world hard and cumming to my story quick. One to one swx chat.

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