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Onlayn vidyo chat. He was turned a little away from her, unfortunately, but when his shorts dropped her eyes widened, for he was fully erect, and given his quick grab and slow stroking, he was about to satisfy a great deal more of her curiosity than she had dared dream.

He turned a little so that he was in profile, for which she thanked the local spirits, and she marveled at the throbbing length of his cock jutting upwards from a thick patch of light brown hair. Soon oblivious to his surroundings, he breathed heavily as he worked his fingertips on his cock, which she estimated at seven inches and just thick enough to fit her hand around comfortably.

He stroked himself with his right hand, thumb on top and three fingers underneath, and with his left hand he leaned forward against a tree. He was about eight feet from her, so she held her breath as long as she could and then breathed slowly, though from his ragged breathing and the rustling of his shirt sleeve it was unlikely he’d hear her so long as she made no major movements. Onlayn vidyo chat.

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