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It was as though I’d fallen in, no resistance, no argument from Sal, just a little gasp as she pushed back against me. It didn’t last long, a couple of minutes, that’s all.

Sal’ didn’t cum, and my cum was good, very good, but not a large quantity. I licked her clean, though the shower did most of the work I suppose, but she tasted good, and smelled of soap, wet hair and woman. “I’m thirsty” I said, I want something very cold and fizzy, but not champagne, I don’t want to fall asleep again. ” “I’ll have a 7Up I think, what about you Sal?” I asked. “I’ll have champagne and OJ I think, I don’t mind if I sleep for a few hours, It’s 3am” she said, “and it’s been a very long day, and night. Online free adult video.

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