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I’m thinking something light so I have room for a nice hot fudge sundae or a banana split. ” We decided on a small salad for each of us, then spilt a chicken breast and cottage cheese plate. We exchanged some small talk about school and how we felt we had done on our exams.

Carole said he had one more exam tomorrow afternoon, but she was carrying an A in the class and had no worries about the test. She told me that she had realized at an early age that she preferred girls and had her first girlfriend when she was in high school.

She also assured me that the fact I was just discovering this was really not all that unusual. We sat around a bit longer to let our food digest, then headed to Carole’s car and drove to the ice cream place.

There were so many yummy things on the menu that I had a hard time making up my mind but finally settled on something called a French Vanilla Kiss sundae, which was French vanilla ice cream with chunks of Hersey’s kisses, covered with hot fudge and topped with whipped cream and a large fresh strawberry. Sex chat video.

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