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Sally removed her bra, her breasts swinging free, creamy orbs tipped with dark nipples. I loosened my belt, and as my pants fell to the floor my erection sprung upwards.

I spied Sally’s wicked grin, she liked what she saw, but as she slid her thumbs into the band of her panties I shook my head, no. I wanted the pleasure of unwrapping her gift to me.

I backed Sally toward the bed, kissing her mouth as we lay on our sides, our bodies entwined, touching, caressing, losing ourselves in time as we explored each other. I slid lower down the bed, guiding Sally onto her back, kissing her neck, her shoulder, her breasts, licking and sucking my way down her soft body, inhaling her scent.

It had been too long since I’d done this, and I savored every moment, every taste, every sound as I made love to her. Sex live chat online.

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