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Sexy online wbcam. She pulled away to catch her breath and turned around in his strong arms.

Her bra landed on the carpet next to her robe, completely forgotten about. Elisabeth looked up at Mike, a small smile on her lips.

She couldn’t deny how amazing he made her feel, satisfying the needs that her husband just could not fulfil when it came to both an intelligent conversation and a physical relationship. Their sordid love affair had only begun a couple of months prior, but she was sure that the things she felt for him were much stronger than her marriage could ever be.

Any chance they had he would steal a kiss, touch her hand, tell her what he wanted to do to her when they got a spare minute. Sneaking around with him was such an adrenaline rush.

It was naughty, exciting, addicting; she had never felt anything quite like it before. Sexy online wbcam.

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