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Teen random naked chat. “I couldn’t help but notice the way you were eating that ice cream, and it made me want to come and talk to you. ” He flashed a smile at me as I felt the heat rise in my cheeks, no doubt turning as red as a cherry.  I opened my mouth to retaliate but nothing came out. “It’s fine” he said as he slid down next to me, “I was just thinking that I’ve never seen a woman perform something erotic so artistically”.

Again the heat rose. “I guess I must just be a little frustrated” I said. Why the hell I was telling him this I don’t know but I felt like I could trust him.

I tried to play it off by getting back to my book but I was quickly losing, looking around you were nowhere to be seen and this tall handsome stranger was standing in front of me with a bulge so big I knew that he was also fighting a losing game. Teen random naked chat.

Teen random naked chat.

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