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Twisty live chat. My nipples were erect with excitement of things to come.

I looked into Mr. L’s eyes and saw his lust.

I kicked off my flip-flops and then I slowly un-buckled my belt, opened the snap and pulled down the zipper of my jeans. I let my pants drop to the floor.

I stepped out of my jeans and moved around the desk until I was next to Mr. L’s chair.

Mr. L. ran his tongue over his lips as I hooked my thumbs in waistband of my red silk panties.

I wore these panties in hopes he would like them and give me special treatment. My red panties were very shear.

He could easily see the outline of my already hard skinny little five-inch cock and my large hanging balls. I slowly turned around and showed him my firm panty covered ass.

I bent at the waist and pushed my tight little ass in his direction. I then stood up and turned back to face my Head Master. Twisty live chat.

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