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Web cam sex mobile free. Claire grabbed her and positioned Stacy across her knees and raised her hand and brought it down hard on the ass.

One spank. Another spank. “Thank you, m’am. ” Stacy grunted as she supported herself with the palms of her hands on the floor.

Claire didn’t respond. A power was flowing through her, one she had never experienced.

A new side of her was rippling through with the enjoyment and the power of the spanks. Each one was harder than the previous one and Stacy’s ass was turning red and so was Claire’s hand.

Claire breathed hard. “Go lie on the floor. ” Claire slapped Stacy’s ass hard and elicited a wince. “Yes, m’am. ” “Gather our clothes and pile them like a pillow. ” Stacy took her dress and panties, Claire’s clothes, and with the sinks and mirrors lining the wall laid the garments on the floor. “Lie down. ” Claire began stroking her own clit. “Tongue fuck me. ” “Yes, m’am. Web cam sex mobile free.

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