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Xliyax live public sex chat. We were still dressed as we got into the shower.

Suspender belts, panties, stockings, all stiff and stained with cum. There were stains on my peignoir, whose I don’t know, but we both looked a real mess.

The shower was hot, and we soaped each other, rubbing the scented soap into the soaking nylon, and onto our bodies. My cock was throbbing, pressed hard against Sal’s ass cheeks as I soaped her breasts.

Sal turned around and knelt down and kissed my cock. She stood up, removed her stockings, bra and panties, and then pulled mine off.

The nylon felt quite different when wet, and I was pleased to have it removed for me. It lay all on the shower floor in a sodden heap, and I unceremoniously kicked it out of the cubicle. Xliyax live public sex chat.

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